My Africa by Gladys May Casely-Hayford

Oh land of tropic splendour, engirded by
the seas,
Whose forest-crested mountains lift heads
unto the breeze;
May patriotism render its praise on sea
and shore,
Till Africa, great Africa becomes renowned
once more,

May God walk on her mountains and in her
plains be peace,
May laughter fill her valleys and may her
sons increase:
Restored be strength and beauty and visions
of the past;
Till Africa comes once again into her own
at last.

Destroy race prejudices, break down the
bars of old.
Let each man deem his brother of far more
wealth than gold,
Till tribes be merged together to form one
perfect whole,
With Africa its beating pulse and Africa
its soul.

O Lord as we pass onward, through evolution
May we retain clear vision, that truth may
light our eyes,
That joy and peace and laughter be ours
instead of tears,
Till Africa gains strength and calm,
progressing through the years.

-Gladys May Casely-Hayford

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