What is the difference between proofreading, copyediting and content editing?

Proofreading = correcting grammar and checking accuracy and formatting.

Copyediting = proofreading + ensuring sentence structure flows without repetition or error.

Content editing = proofreading + copyediting + improving tone, clarity, continuity and consistency.

What types of things can you help me with?

I have written and edited essays, articles, papers, speeches, poems, letters, programs, press releases, ceremonies, obituaries, proclamations, blog posts, flyers, short stories, books, invitations, reports, announcements, plays, and advertisements.

Why don’t you offer writing services for students?

I believe education has value. I believe in doing honest work that contributes to a writer’s voice. I do not promote cheating or plagiarism.

How much experience do you have?

I came out of the womb with a red pen in my hand.

What if I need additional services not listed on your site?

Email me. I’m sure I can help with that.

How much do you charge?

All writing is not created equally, thus my fees reflect the amount of time and effort necessary to produce a quality product. Please contact me for a quote.

How soon can I expect a finished product?

Depends on the product. While most orders will be completed within three to five days, short projects (1-10 pages) with minor to moderate error can be returned within 24 hours. Contact me for specific time frames.

Still unsure or want a quote or consultation?

Contact me with the following information:

  • Name
  • Type of service needed
  • Topic (if applicable)
  • Number of pages or words
  • Deadline